Book review – Ian Falconer

Tonight’s Reid report is a sort of book review.

I saw in a Children’s Book of the Month club flyer that Ian Falconer has written a new Olivia book and so picked it and another one up yesterday at lunch. Ken called dibs on reading them first and was eager to do so last night. Reid, on the other hand, was in the mood for old favorites – Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother too? by Eric Carle and her  Winnie the Pooh book that plays a song were brought out when Ken showed her Olivia Saves the Circus.  Finally, after supper, Reid decided she would sit with me while Ken read to us.

After all of the waiting and convincing, I asked Ken what he thought. Edwin the Cat didn’t appear in the book and so that was a disappointment for Reid’s cat-loving daddy. It’s still a good book, though. Olivia is her usual spunky, imaginative and somewhat outrageous self. Start with the first book, Olivia, but check out Olivia and the Missing Toy and then Olivia Saves the Circus.

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