Thursday night phone calls

It’s funny how fast something becomes a habbit.

I should start by telling you that Melissa and Amanda life relatively close to one another and that Reid know this and so asks about each of them when we’re in that part of town. She also has decided that she doesn’t see Amanda enough lately.

So anyway, the last few of weeks as soon as we get in the car to drive home Reid asks to call Amanda. Actually she demands, in a loud voice that brooks no disagreement, “Phlone Aunty Amanda” until I dial Amanda’s number. I think I let Reid call one night when she was fussing to go see Amanda and now it’s a habit. Once she has called Amanda, Reid chooses someone else to call (I guess she is on a roll). Often it’s Daddy at the museum or Aunt Kanon (aka Karin) or Grandma. It’s funny to see her in her car seat with a cell phone. I’ll have to take a photo one day.

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