Clio has the patience of a saint

This afternoon, Reid decided that Clio needed a hug. I tried to convince her that a kiss would be better but she gave both. It’s not easy for a toddler to hug a cat who is round like Clio but Reid isn’t daunted by a challenge. Clio took the hug as an indication it was time to eat some kibble (which might explain the roundness ;+)

Tonight, before bed, Reid took a t-shirt and covered Clio up saying, “Clio s’eeping”. Clio waited a bit to be rescued and then jumped off of the bed and went and laid near where Ken was doing laundry. Reid followed, carrying the t-shirt and covered her once again. Then, to add insult to injury, she tried to lay beside Clio and put her arm around her – or maybe she was going to lay on top of Clio – I intervened but only enough to get Reid away and grab the camera to take a photo. Ken said we are both awful. Clio still loves us.  Clio being covered up

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