Things that make Reid angry

Reid had a rough couple of hours last night. A very tough, tear-filled couple of hours. There were many things that were bothering her – a lot. These things included:
* she can’t open the car door from the outside and after she pinched her hand twice, Mama brought her in the house
* she isn’t allowed to go outside without Mama or Daddy to try a third time to open the car door
* Mama ate chicken and stuffing (‘nough said :+)
* when she pulls my arm to stop me from eating I move my feet to keep me from falling and stand up to follow her
* when she pulls my arm to stop me from eating and I don’t move my feet or stand up, I fall forward and that makes her angry, too
* she can’t fit her big girl feet in the baby shoes she wore in February
* she can’t tie shoe laces by herself (but Mama can and that makes it worse)
* Mama drank tea, yes, tea!

There were other things that bugged her but I’ve blocked them from my mind or maybe they seemed more rational than the other things.

Ironically, the daycare ladies said that Reid had a good day.

After a couple of hours of great unhappiness, Reid settled down and we went downstairs where I offered her some cheese – tentatively, like feeding a wild thing – and then some peaches. As she devoured her share, I decided I’d better not eat all of mine and justly so as she ate much of my share and then moved onto strawberry tomatoes and milk. We went up for a bath and then Baby Jeckell went to sleep a bit earlier than usual.

Maybe she was hungry (though I offered her a treat as soon as I picked her up at daycare) or maybe it was that I picked her up instead of Ken. This morning she was all sweetness and light and loving her Daddy. I’m glad that he was able to take her to daycare today.

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