The tools of the (baking) trade and Kindermusik

Reid and I made apple crisp on Saturday morning when we first got up. As I’ve said before, Reid likes to dump the ingredients into the bowl but this time she wanted to get the flour, sugar, etc out of the container and into the measuring cup. In addition to her growing desire to take over the world, she has decided that the scoops in the container are shovels. She is a specialist with shovels, you know, and so I heard, “Reid shobel” many times and my floor got a bit messier than is usual when we bake (and that is pretty messy :+) and Reid wielded the scoop.

We left the apple crisp in the oven and headed to Kindermusik. I thought Ken’s nose would lead him to it but he ate oatmeal instead.

We made it to Kindermusik on time this week, though we were late enough we had to join the circle where the teacher sits. Which is a positive thing for Reid as she loves watching Shannon but the parents seem to want to be “cool kids” and sit at the back of the class. Reid got to choose the first song we sang – “Wheels on the bus”, of course – and she did all of the actions about a half inch above her legs (she was sitting on my crossed legs) and in a very small space. She didn’t seem want to draw attention to herself but she did want to participate. As we sang “Old MacDonalds’s farm” and “Twinkle, twinkle” her actions got bigger. She marched in the circle and danced and really enjoyed the class. On the way home, she was starting to drift off and so I played a particularly upbeat song that she likes and encouraged her to do the actions. Her movements got more and more lethergic and in slow-motion but she managed the full song before falling asleep between tracks.

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    The tools of the (baking) trade and Kindermusik « Tales of life with a girl on the go


    The tools of the (baking) trade and Kindermusik « Tales of life with a girl on the go


    The tools of the (baking) trade and Kindermusik « Tales of life with a girl on the go


    The tools of the (baking) trade and Kindermusik « Tales of life with a girl on the go


    The tools of the (baking) trade and Kindermusik « Tales of life with a girl on the go