Great Wolf Lodge – part 2

I did something silly. Very silly. I decided we should stay in last night instead of going to see Niagara Falls. Now it’s raining, in fact, it sounds like the falls have come to see us. It seemed like a good decision when I made it. We’d had a great day here at the hotel and there was story time still to attend.

Once we got Daddy up and about, we went to a Forest Friends show where the mechanical moose, bear, racoon, crow and tree told stories. Wylie the Wolf was there, too and Reid waved at him. We howled like wolves and clapped and sang.

We went to the waterpark twice. At first, Reid and I went in the pools and on the lazy river inner tube ride and we splashed in Fort Mackenzie. The fort has little geiser and a range of water squirting devices. Reid was willing to climb up where the slides were but sliding down was not an option. After lunch and a nap – the Reynolds people slept long and hard – we all went back to the waterpark and into the water. Whether it was having Ken with her or the time in the other pools, Reid decided the water slides were fun. There is only one slide where two people can go together and, unfortunately for Reid it is four storeys high. I tried to do it, really I did but after climbing to what would have been the second storey, I chickened out. I was experiencing vertigo and all I could think about was being way up high in an enclosed slide and having both vertigo and claustrophobia to deal with (plus my girl, of course). We climbed down and went to a different area. Reid is so much bolder and more physical when playing with Ken. He kicked some water from a little geiser at her and she grinned. When I did it earlier in the day, she fussed a bit. They went under and through water that I wouldn’t have attempted with her.

Just before bedtime, we went back to the lobby for another show and stories. This time, Reid was asking about Wylie before we even left the room. Again we listened to the animals talk to each other and clapped while they sang. After the show, one of the people from the Cub Club read a book called, “Over in the Meadow” (or something like that) and we did the actions mentioned in the book. He finished with “Mmmm, Cookies” by Robert Munsch. We learned the Great Wolf Lodge goodnight – two stomps, two claps and a wolf howl.

Then, it was time for bed and Reid and Mama quickly fell asleep.

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    Great Wolf Lodge – part 2 « Tales of life with a girl on the go