Learning the rules of tea parties

Aunty Amanda was over for supper on Thursday night and brought wee little chocolate cakes for dessert. In keeping with the “wee little”, we got Reid’s minature tea pot and cup and saucer out, too. Grandma Joyce had suggested using a towel for a table cloth as Reid perfected her pouring technique – she has to remember to hold the lid on. I remembered the advice as I was wiping up the cider that was posing as tea. After the second potfull, I realized that the trick was to put only as much juice into the teapot as would fit into Reid’s cup as she doesn’t stop pouring til the teapot is empty. Since I’d learned that lesson, Reid had to change the rules and so decided that she should be the one to pour the cider from the bottle into the teapot. Boy, was I glad I’d run to get the towel/table cloth before the second pot of tea was poured! With her tea cup and mini cake she looked just like a proper lady (if proper ladies pick up entire cakes and take little bites off them ;+)

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