Reid read *me* a story

I picked Reid up from daycare on Monday. As usual, Reid nursed and then “drove” the car a bit and wasn’t keen to get into her car seat. She spotted the book, “Dinosaur’s Binkit” by Sandra Boynton on the passenger seat with the other treasures from my trip to the libarary. I gave her the book once she was in her seat – is it a bribe if I was going to give it to her anyway? – and I started driving home. Reid was excited to see the book (we’ve had it from the library before) and wanted me to read it immediately. Well, that didn’t seem safe to do while driving despite what I’ve seen other drivers doing and so I told her that she’d have to read it. Soon, I heard words that told the general bits of the story plus other words I couldn’t make out. The coolest thing was that she had the rhythm of the story right. It starts out cajoling the dinosaur to come to bed, gets a bit more insistenet and then excited “My binkit!” when it is found and, finally, it is soft when dinosaur is wished “night, night” as he dreams under his blanket. She knew the main words and what inflection to give them. I was impressed. Ken and I so want to share our love of reading with her.

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