Confessions of a mom

I was reading a blog this week that contained a few “confessions” from the author and some from the readers. It was interesting to see that people were confessing to things I didn’t know were “sins”, like not bathing kids everyday or not forcing them to eat all of the food on their plates. I am “guilty” in both counts. My favourite was from the woman who said that she should have asked the waitresses at a local restaurant to be her kids godparents since they saw them so often. It made me smile and think how pleased Didi and the one busgirl were that Reid wore her chicken costume (only the coat) to breakfast on Sunday. I don’t allow her to drink coffee from Starbucks but she certainly knows that she’ll get ice water (the ice is what makes it special) and a cookie when we go there and I let her share my tea and coffee, rationalizing that they’re decaf (and what kid shouldn’t learn to drink tea?). She doesn’t eat chicken nuggets most days of the week – or any days of the week for that matter – but I do give her cheese more than is recommended for an adult. I would confess that I sleep with Reid part of each night or that I still nurse her but I don’t think either of those things is a “sin”. It’s hard to think what I should confess but I’ll share three:
1. Until the time change, Reid ate breakfast in the car, if we fed her at all on daycare days. Thank goodness daycare has “morning snack” at 8:00 am.
2. Reid tries to wipe your bottom if she is in the bathroom with you and then she likes to see what you have done and comment on what’s there.
3. I don’t make Reid put her hat and mitts on when we run from the car to the mall even when it is cold. I thought I was teaching her that she *needed* them but it turns out I was failing in my duties as a mom. I know that now because a woman in the grocery store parking lot told me, “It’s called discipline!” when I said Reid didn’t want her hat on.)

So, does anyone want to confess to mama or daddy sins?

Have a great night either way.

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