Adventures with Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin – Part 1

On Friday, while I was at work, Grandma Joyce worked on Reid’s Christmas dress and Aunt Karin entertained Reid. Grandma got to eat lunch with and read some books to Reid, too, but reports suggest that much of the day was spent at the park. Reid was in her glory at the park and even decided to lay at the end of one of the slides and go to sleep. Aunt Karin tried to get her to leave but she lay there in the sun and said, “No, sleeping.” Maybe she had a premonition because on the way back, Aunt Karin fell while carrying Reid and made them both cry. Of course, Karin wouldn’t have been carrying Reid if they hadn’t broke the front wheel off of the stroller on the way back from the grocery store but that is another story, I guess. At some point they also found the perfect pumpkin (picture on a plate in the grass at the park) and Reid brought it home. What could I say? Reid was happy with it and we made sure she didn’t put it in her mouth. In a bit of “when Reid needs counselling, I will know why”, Aunt Karin confessed that she hurried Reid along by saying, “Look, there’s a dog, you better hurry.” Sometimes you have to reject parenting advice, especially from your crazy sister.

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