Aunt Pam and Chantelle visit – part 1

Aunt Pam and Chantelle were in Ottawa this past weekend and stayed with us. I think that every Canadian should be on Parliament Hill on Canada Day and at the National War Memorial on Remembrance Day at least once in their life. I was happy that Pam and Chantelle were able to go downtown for the ceremony. It was a pretty chilly and rainy morning and so I can’t say I was entirely disappointed that I wasn’t among the 25,000 or so who joined them. Ken and I are hoping that Reid will be ready to attend next year.

I took Reid for an early nap so that she would be awake sooner to entertain our guests. She slept nearly three hours and so was able to stay awake to entertain – I might have fallen asleep before she finally did. In the middle of the sleeping, we went to the Outback for supper and then to the Chapters near Donald’s. Reid ate some Craisins, the tomatoes and cucumbers from my salad and some of that wonderful honey-rye bread while waiting for her kids hamburger to come. When it arrived, it was so big that Reid was sure how to get it picked up and into her mouth, which she was trying to do quickly because she still seemed to be starving. I had to cut it in half. I can only imagine what the adult hamburger would look like (and I will never know what it looks like because I would never order anything but steak and Ken only chooses the Alice Springs chicken). We went to Chapters for a bit afterward. Reid now associates it with the train table in the children’s section (I almost wrote children’s *books* section but they have so many toys now it’s no longer accurate).

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