Aunt Pam and Chantelle visit – part 2

On Sunday morning, we picked Donald up at 8:30 (yes, Donald, at 8:30 in the morning!) It seems only yesterday that he told me not to call before 2:00 pm because he would be sleeping but he decided to get up and come for breakfast and so he did. We went to Eddie’s for breakfast (of course) and then went to Costco. I am still looking for a wooden train set for Reid, although without much success. I may have to pay regular price after all. We visited the electronic piano and guitar and Reid gave an impromptu performance on each and wandered up and I bought some tops and pyjamas. We pretty much made it home at lunch time and Donald made the tomato soup since I seem to burn it whenever I cook it when company is over. I made chicken curry for supper and Aunt Pam was surprised to see how much Reid was eating. It really is something to see her asking for more and more again but I guess you’re allowed to have lots of your favourite meal.

Chantelle was nice enough to bring some nail polish and flower decorations and then painted Reid’s toe nails. It amazes me how she can get Reid to keep her feet still long enough and that she can get the paint on Reid’s wee little nails. In any case, Reid thinks that she is all that. At swimming, I was commenting on how fabulous her toes looked since we don’t get to see them as much in the winter. On the up-side, wearing socks seems to be keeping the polish longer. During the summer, her grimy little sandal toes lost their polish more quickly but it was a sacrifice that the sandbox demanded.

Aunt Pam and Chantelle left on Monday morning, after good kisses and hugs from Reid. As a I mentioned earlier, next time I will invite our visitors who are here on a weekday to come to daycare.

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