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Santa Claus – the trials and tribulations continue

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

After Kindermusik today, I took Reid to St Laurent Mall to see Santa. I talked him up, we practiced “ho-ho-hoing” and listened to Christmas music on the trip to and from Kindermusik. When we first saw Santa, Reid was excited and interested. The closer we go, the closer she snuggled to me. I tried getting her to stand on the bench beside Santa but that was a non-starter. I tried getting her to between me and Santa but still no luck. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and hid her face in my neck. We watched the next kid sit with Santa. Both of his parents sat on the bench and so I decided that would be what we would try. Except I was wearing a pink shirt. I decided to buy my Christmas outfit – or at least a new shirt – so that I wouldn’t be too scary in the photo. Shopping alone with Reid is a bit of a challenge. She was interested in choosing pyjamas for herself and in hiding in the racks but she wasn’t so keen on sticking close to me. I found a nice red turtleneck, but only after I rejected the $50 “Red” shirt that was too hip for me. We managed to sit close to Santa (luckily the line was short when we went back) and the photographer gave us a thumbs up but I haven’t seen the picture yet. I am hoping it doesn’t look like she is saying “What the %$% do you want?” like she did last year. I would like it if I don’t look like a goof or if I do, I hope that I can cut myself out.