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Going to Daddy’s museum

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

On Thursday, we were leaving Melissa and Peter’s a bit early and as I was putting Reid into her “I love Dad” pj’s I had an idea –  I made a deal with Reid: if she got ready quickly, I would take her to see Daddy’s museum. Never has Reid moved so quickly or got dressed so cooperatively!  The Commissionaire had a big smile for Reid as she walked through the door to the drill hall and on towards the Cameron’s museum with such enthusiasm and purpose. I followed along and we made it inside the museum without Ken seeing us. Chris and Gerry, former Camerons, were in there,too and Reid was a bit shy. Still, she looked around, tried on a “tin lid” (metal helmet) and played with Ken’s broom.  I’m glad Ken has the museum as a place where he can go and have a life separate from Reid and me but it is fun to take a peek at that part of his life sometimes, too.

Little Baby Cough-Cough

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Little Baby Cough-Cough is once again living at our house, or at least that is what we call Reid when she has a cold. Luckily for her, when she has a runny nose we don’t assign a similarly colourful nickname.

When Reid was new, it was scary to see how a cough took over her whole body.  Now that she is more than three times as big, her coughs still shake her whole body and it still bugs me to see her cough. On Sunday, Reid’s coughing woke her after only an hour and fifteen minutes of napping. I was pretty sure *I* could have gotten back to sleep but Reid was equally sure that she couldn’t. We skipped a planned swimming trip in favour of a bubble bath to stay warmer and get more steam. There were so many bubbles that they would have reached her eye brows while she was sitting in the tub. She managed a good 45 minutes in the humid bathroom and was better. I guess it is the time of year to dig out and clean up the humidifier. Okay, in all honesty the humidifier is sitting on my night table from the last time Reid was sick this past winter but I do need to clean it.