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Reid is losing the babyisms but she knows our names

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Reid is losing many of the babyisms in her speech. Today in the tub she was playing with her mama ducks that has 3 little ducks to ride on its back and I asked her what ducks say. When she replied, “duck, duck” I thought of how this is one of her few mixed up words. She rarely calls sheep “baas” anymore and never speaks of the “moos” in the books that we read.

Not long ago, while chatting about Melissa’s family and who was the sister, mama, etc on our way to supper, I asked Reid what my name was, expecting to hear “Mama.” Instead, she said, “Babwa” and so I told her, “but you call me ‘Mama’, right?” And she nodded. I asked her what daddy’s name was and she said “Ten”. (I didn’t say that she has mastered the hard “c” sound.) I reminded her that she should call him, “Daddy” and again she nodded. I should have said, “But you already knew that,” since she obviously had known our names for a while but hadn’t used them.

Trains and babies

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Some of you will know that I am obsessing a bit about finding a train set for Reid for Christmas. She loves to play with the trains at Chapters, especially the yellow one. Since I have trouble going to Chapters without buying anything, and really how often can we go, I want to get her some trains of her own. I was asking Karen at daycare if they have a train and does Reid play with it. Karen said that Reid will play with the train, trucks and cars sometimes but that she mostly plays in the “house” area. This part of the room always has babies and dollies and then also has a rotation of kitchen equipment, grocery shopping stuff, baby bath tubs, etc. I mentioned that Reid hasn’t been playing with her babies and dollies at home as much lately and Karen asked if we had bottles and doll beds, and that sort of thing. We have blankets and doll clothes but no furniture. I can’t quite get my head around bottles. I nursed Reid and I guess I think she can do the same for her babies. (Oh come on, you all know I’m a bit of a radical when it comes to nursing. :+)

When Amanda came for dinner as she usually does on Tuesdays, I described my conversation to her. I can’t remember if I told her before or after she convinced Reid that the naked dollies were cold and they set to work finding clothes and diapers. It’s good that Reid has a woman without the psychological baggage I have to play with dolls with her. I keep hearing Nancy White’s song that says, “daughters of feminists like to wear pink, frilly dresses and play with their Barbies all day.” I’m up to the challenge, though. I can do it!

If anyone is speaking with Santa, Reid would like doll accessories for Christmas.