Shoes and no, really, it is time to go

Reid and I talk about footwear fairly often. Lately, we’ve been discussing her shoes over and over. It goes something like this as she changes from her boots in her cubby:
Reid: “Brown shoes home, Mama?”
Me: “Yes, Reid.”
Reid: “White shoes daycare.”
Me: “Yes, Reid.” Sometimes I even explain that brown shoes are more appropriate for the fall and winter but I haven’t actually told her that you’re not supposed to wear white after Labour Day and before Victoria Day because she really does need shoes at daycare and she likes her white ones just fine. She doesn’t want the brown shoes particularly, though she will choose to wear them when we are at home. She just likes to know where they are, I think. I have been trying to remember to ask Ken if they also have this conversation but haven’t yet. He reads these messages and will tell me. Thank goodness for email.

I’m not sure what it says about me but lately Reid has been reluctant to leave daycare. Her face lights up and she comes running when I get to the Toddler Room and she helps sign herself out. Okay, she helps hold the pen while I write the time down but it is the thought that counts. Then, we head toward her cubby (or at least I do) and she runs for the front door. Sometimes she sits in the chair by the door. People see her and smile. If we haven’t been there long, I think that it is because Reid is cute. If we’ve been there a long time, I think that they’re smiling because they’re glad their kid doesn’t dally this badly. Eventually, she’ll change into her outdoor gear and we’ll head for the car. Last night, she cried, “Back daycare!” as I put her into the car. Confidence-building, that is what it was ;+) Thank goodness we were heading for Melissa’s and so I had all 5 of the people in her family with which to entice Reid.

The last two mornings have been tough on Reid. It seems she is having trouble transitioning from one part of her life to the other. In my selfish-mama-heart, I’m a little bit glad she isn’t entirely sick of home and all-to-eager to leave it in the morning. It’s tough, though, to hear her cry in the morning.

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