The flip-a-roo

In addition to having a method for putting on boots, Reid’s daycare has an established process for putting on coats – or at least they have a process that the kids must follow, I think the teachers are allowed to wing it. The teachers mentioned that they’d taught the kids to put their coats on by:
1. laying the coat on the floor with the hood at the kid’s feet;
2. the kid bends over and puts their arms in the sleeves;
3. the kid flips the coat over their head and onto their back – the flip-a-roo; and
4. someone zips the coat up.

It took a bit for me to process how to orient the coat and I tried this with Reid for the first time last week. *She* is clearly a professional. She flips it on so fast and with such a big smile it’s quite something to see. Reid is very proud of this accomplishment.

When I told Melissa about it, she said that Ben still does it sometimes although he can get his coat on the usual way, too. I thought it was unusual but then, Melissa is a trained teacher and maybe she learned the technique in teacher’s college.

Ask Reid about the flip-a-roo the next time you see her and she’ll be pleased to demonstrate, I am sure.

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