Turfed again

I told Ken last night he had to lie to daycare about Reid having a rough weekend, or specifically that he couldn’t say she had thrown up on Saturday night, since that is a 48-hour infraction. At 3:20, the daycare folk called to say that Reid had diarrhea and would have to be picked up. Another 48-hour infraction. They mentioned as well that they were in “outbreak mode”. I don’t know what that means but it sounds ominous. On the bright side, now that Reid has been turfed for two days, I have a bit of time to get her winter coat fixed. The daycare had called me earlier to say the zipper was split and since she doesn’t have a spare, and must be properly equipped for outdoor play in order to attend daycare, I was in a pickle. Now I don’t have to worry about that rule ;+)

Please keep your fingers crossed for us that Melissa will be able to watch Reid – though with all of the supply teaching that she has been doing, I am not optimistic. It’s never a bad thing to have extra time with Reid, and part of me is running a list of the things we could do together, but work is hectic and what I don’t do tomorrow will be waiting the next day. Since Ken missed two days last week, he is definitely snowed under at the office already and he does more than his share of sick day parenting. ¬†Sigh. Such are the trials of the working family ;+)

If anyone wants to come visit for a few days, Reid has no symptoms but the one and she is great company.

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