What a weekend, part 3

Warning: this post isn’t funny, it’s gross

Reid wouldn’t eat supper even though I made hamburgers, one of her favourite foods. Shortly afterwards, we discovered why when she threw up on the stairs as she headed to bed at 6:40. Reid had no idea what was happening when she threw up. It was unpleasant and confusing and, of course, messy. Having done it once, she still didn’t recognize the signs when it started to happen again. Ken had been supposed to go to the St Andrew’s dinner but stayed home because he was still feeling under the weather. I have to confess that I was glad for his illness. Between us, we cleaned up from three or four bouts of vomiting. One time, Reid threw up right after drinking water and so afterward, we had to say “no” when this weak little voice pleaded for water. That was worse than cleaning up. I went out to get some Pedialyte and thought apple flavour might pass for apple juice, a treat in our house, but it doesn’t seem to have fooled Reid. After the three longest hours we have had in a long time, Reid settled into a restless sleep.

By Sunday morning, Reid was looking like she’d been on a bender that had involved a bar fight (remember the run-in with the corner) but she was pretty much back to normal. Ken and I were pretty tired, though, and so when Reid wanted to snuggle and nurse after a bath we all climbed into the big bed and slept from 10:30 til 12:45. I had to hurry to get ready to go see Stuart McLean. It was odd to be out without Reid being attached after the preceding 20 hours. The performance was so funny, it balanced off the sick kid time. I’ll have to find some break for Ken that gives him the same break. They seemed to have had a good afternoon, watching football, building puzzles and reading dozens of books.

At bedtime, Reid was happy to climb up the stairs. She didn’t want to lay in her bed but snuggled in to nurse in the glider and was soon asleep. Ken and I managed a nice visit and quiet evening, each with our laptop and the football game on. Thank goodness it wasn’t a long weekend. I don’t know that we could have survived!

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