Sleep rocking chair

There are new words for me to dread and they are “sleep rocking chair”. I’m not sure why but Reid has decided that being rocked to sleep while nursing is the only way to go. Maybe she is having flashbacks to her early weeks when I would sit it the rocking chair and nurse her while Ken laid on her bed. In any case, it works well at bedtime and makes it less likely that I will fall asleep and stay asleep with her. I sometimes fall asleep while rocking but wake up with a stiff back and sometimes when I put her in bed she wakes up and so I crawl in and then fall asleep. But sometimesn, I stay awake and go visit with Ken. The trouble starts in the middle of the night when Reid wakes up and wants to go to the rocking chair to go back to sleep and I want to crawl into bed with her and pretend to myself that I didn’t wake up. Sometimes I will rock and sometims I am hard-hearted. If I am not hard-hearted, I’m stiff-backed and so the trade-off is clear.

As long as she is mostly asleep between 7:30 pm and 6:30 am, I won’t complain. Especially since I had tea with a friend whose daughter stayed up til 11:30 last night! I couldn’t manage that (okay, I would figure out but I would be grumpy ;+)

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