Potty tales again

I was looking at a new parenting site, www.babble.com, the other day and read a posting that defined things that change when you become a parent. One of the things mentioned was talking about poop. That is not the subject of this email but it was true none-the-less.  We have had a few potty issues lately. Reid increasingly wants to use the toilet instead of her potty chairs. This is problematic since I usually say, “Hey Reid, do you have to go potty?” on my way to the bathroom because *I* have to go. If she takes the toilet, I’m left dancing in the doorway or heading for another bathroom. I take back every snarky comment about new houses having as many bathrooms as bedrooms.

Last night when I got home I practically knocked Reid over on my way to the bathroom. I had enjoyed an extra large tea (a Venti Calm, I you speak Starbucks :+) on my way to get Reid from daycare and didn’t have time to wait for her to get her coat off and couldn imagine what I would do if she wanted to use the toilet.  I think I may have asked her if she had to go after supper but all of a sudden in Chapters, she looked at me with panic on her face and pee running down her legs. I grabbed her up and took her to the bathroom. Her pants were soaked, her socks were wet and I had to dump a bit of pee from her boots. Thankfully, we had the stroller and there was a too-small and somewhat wore-for-wear Dora pull-up in the pocket (Ken hassles me sometimes about all of the stuff that rides around with us but I was vindicated last night!) Unfortunately, there was no spare pair of pants and about the only thing Chapters doesn’t sell yet are toddler pants. I wrapped my coat around Reid’s legs and we went to check the carpet where she had been standing. I couldn’t find a spot and so I left to find Ken without saying anything. I’m hoping the pee was confined to the pants and boots and if it wasn’t, I hope they think it was something from Starbucks. As we walked quickly home – have I mentioned we are happily enjoying unseasonanly warm weather – Ken and I talked to Reid about needing to give us warning but we have to remind her to go when she is busy and we both know it.

This morning when I was waking her up she was having a restless dream involving toilet paper. I waited to wake her to be sure that she had, in fact, said “toilet paper” and she said it again. Hmm, what would the dream analysis bokks have to say about that?

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