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Definitely not ready to go nap-free

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Well, if there was any doubt whether Reid was ready to give up her afternoon nap, this weekend put the answer firmly as “needs nap”. This is a good thing because the Day Nurseries Act requires a nap for all kids in daycare but since other people talked about their kids not napping after two, I wondered.

In any case, Reid’s 25-minute mini nap (not power nap, as it turned out) on Saturday set the stage for a perfect storm of a bad night out. I wasn’t worried because we planned to go to Morrisburg and figured Reid would sleep the hour-plus in the car on the way there. Well, she didn’t and so at the one hour mark, we stopped for her to use the potty and then forced our bored and tired kid back into her car seat. We were late getting to Upper Canada Village for our carefully planned supper and visit for “Alight at Night.” I sent Ken to buy tickets for the train while I got Reid into the stroller and went for the admission tickets. Reid has been strongly anti-footwear at home lately, not wanting socks or slippers on and usually waiting until we get to our destination to put on her boots. Well, she decided that boots were an affront to her dignity and kicked them off as fast as I could get them on. I knew she was tired and so was I since my nap was cancelled when hers was abbreviated and so I didn’t feel like it was a fair battle – not fair to either of us. When I finally prevailed, we started to the admissions booth only to be greeted by Ken who said that the line ups were long. We joined a line and I went in to buy Reid a hotdog and fries since we were going to miss our reservation completely. She turned down my offering without hesitation, like she had forgotten that hotdogs are one of her favourite foods. When she refused to put on her snow pants and flailed and yelled as I tried to do so without her cooperation (did I mention the long lines of people waiting to buy tickets with nothing else to look at), I told Ken that we should go to the car and try to get her to eat a bit and dress properly before trying the line. She still refused supper and her outdoor gear and so to give her (and me) a bit of time, I went to the bathroom. When I came back, she was still yelling, only now it was for me. She ¬†agreed to put her stuff on but balked when we tried to get her out of the stroller and onto the train. We headed back to the admissions line, which was longer even than the first time. After 20 minutes with a cranky girl, when she cried because the train went out of sight, I decided I’d best pull the plug on our adventure. I turned to Ken for his opinion but he wasn’t willing to comment since attending a Christmas lights display would never have been his choice and he didn’t want to be the Grinch. Reid cried out in a sad little voice, “ride train” a few times as we left but was asleep after only 15 minutes in the car, at 6:30. Reid woke only slightly when we got home and slept through til nearly 7:00 Sunday morning. Impressive for my point of view, was that she didn’t use the potty from 4:50 pm until 7:00 am. I definitely couldn’t go that long! So, my fascination with bathroom stories continues. :+)

Hanging with Reid

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

I kept Reid home from daycare yesterday. She has a cough that sounds like it is coming from her toes and she had a rough night’s sleep. Under the daycare rules, she could probably have attended although they do have something about “sever coughs” and “participating fully” in the manual. We took Ken to work, w7ent out for breakfast (of course, we did, you knew that was coming) and then went to the mall to pick up some stocking stuffers. Reid decided that she wanted to see Santa – to my surprise – and she went right up on the stage without coaxing. She gave Santa a high five and talked to him about the characters on the colouring book he gave to her, all without turning to face the camera. The nice lady who had taken my money gave it back with a smile and then we left. We had a web video conference with Uncle Roger, Danielle and Lee-Lee (Kailee) before lunch and Reid actually told them about seeing Santa. She isn’t always forthcoming when asked what she has been doing and as I’ve mentioned she isn’t always accurate but this time she was both. We ate lunch, or at least I did. Reid’s appetite has been affected by her cold. ¬†We also assembled our gingerbread house – a task that went much more smoothly than I had expected. We each had a nice long nap (I was a bit worried after the weekend’s experiences) before looking at eight months of photos to get prepared for writing our Christmas letter.

Note to readers: If I have missed any visits that any of you made, I have to blame it on the fact that I must not have gotten a picture and my memory is so bad that I can’t remember without assistance.

We went in to see Ken’s new office, which is just down the hall from his old office, and say “hello” to the people he works with. Reid was most impressed with the water fountain in the hall but I thought the office was nice – he has walls that go to the ceiling and a door while I work in a cubicle. We went to the mall on the way home for Ken to get his hair cut, a process Reid found facinating. “Daddy hair floor!” she kept saying in a surprised and excited tone. In retrospect we probably should have talked about how only special people are allowed to but hair, given the interest she expressed. I finally talked Reid into leaving Daddy in peace while we chose candy for the gingerbread house. I bought a kit but most of the candies were choke-hazards for Reid (which I should have notice but didn’t ;+). Reid loved using the shovels in the bins at the bulk food store and we came home with enough that there might even be some left over for snacking.

Well, recounting our day makes it seem busier than it felt. I think Reid was recharged and so was I.