Books we read, January 11th

Well, if Wednesday was a whirlwind, I am not sure what today was. Reid refused all books this morning and then after daycare, we went straight to Melissa’s for supper. I had thought of packing a couple of books that have CDs but then thought that would mean Reid and I wouldn’t be able to chat while we drove. Besides Melissa’s kids have even more books than Reid does. I offered to read to Ben and Reid before supper but Reid was intent on playing with the instruments from the kids’ Kindermusik bags and Ben was only too happy to join in to “see how much noice we can make.” After supper Ben and Reid each chose a book and Reid decided that I should read Ben’s book first and so we read Barbaby Goes to School by Wendy Whitcomb Rouillard and started Three Toots for Freddie (at least I think that is what is was called). Reid sitting quietly reserve was all used up and she didn’t stay for more than a couple pages. We got home late enough that we headed straight to bed. Tomorrow, we’ll have to do much better since my goal is three books a day at a minimum.

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