Books we read, January 28th

We started the day with Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine, a good first-thing-in-the-morning book that describes the somewhat wild clothes that Ella Sarah wants to wear and the reactions of her parents and older sister. Ella Sarah sticks to her guns and ends up appropriately attired for the event that happens at the end. We also read Hippos Go Beserk! by Sandra Boynton.

At naptime, we read A Tune Up for Toby twice and througout the rest of the day, we read:

At bedtime we read:

  • Going on a Field Trip, a Read and Roll book;
  • A Tune-Up for Toby, a Read and Roll book;
  • Which Way to School, a Read and Roll book; and
  • Benny’s Bus (no author).

There was definitely a theme to our bedtime reading ;+)

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