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“You’re hurting me,” says Reid

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
Reid has discovered “hurting”. When I brush her hair, she tells me, “You’re hurting me.” When I am rushing to get her dressed, stuffing her arms into her shirt, she tells me that I am hurting her then, too. Last night when she was leaning on the table with stomache pushing against the table just below her rib cage, Reid said, “My belly hurting, Mama.” Ken and I laughed and I pulled her back. She immediately pushed her belly back against the table. What a kid! There was a doctor’s office set up in the drama room at daycare this week. Maybe that is where Reid has picked up the phrase. I hope that they don’t ever set up a children’s aid office or goodness knows what she’ll be saying that week.  

Earlier in the week, Reid demonstrated how well she can extrapolate from one concept to another. Ken was singing a catchy tune relating to the playdough that Reid was playing with and how she needed to clean it up and set the table. Reid looked up and said, in all seriousness, “Daddy, you’re hurting my ears!” Now, we all know that I can’t carry a tune in a basket but Ken is a pretty good singer and is very creative in the lyrics that he comes up with. As I laughed, but quietly and as secretly as possible, Ken made some comment about how badly Reid’s ears must already be hurt given how much her mama sings to her but she didn’t rise to the bait and I just laughed harder because it was true.