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Books we read, February 12th

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Okay, I have to admit that most of the reading was done by Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin, given that we sent Reid downstairs as soon as she woke up and she stayed with them all day:

In the evening, we read:

  • All of the stories in the Winnie the Pooh Treasury and sang the song many times;
  • Benny’s bus
  • A Tune-Up for Toby, a Read and Roll book;
  • Which Way to School, a Read and Roll book;
  • My Little Book of Sharing
  • 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch.

When you wake up – no, I know it’s not sleeping time right now

Monday, February 12th, 2007

On Friday morning, I reminded Reid that Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin were coming for a visit and would be at our house when she woke up the next morning. She looked at me and said, “No sleeping time, Mama.” She was right, I agreed. It was time to get dressed and go to daycare. But after daycare, and after supper and after we played some, THEN it would time for sleeping and while she was sleeping, Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin would arrive. And they did.

On Saturday morning, Aunt Karin accompanied us to Kindermusik. She was right there for the standing up and sitting down and standing up again to dance or march while we sang. Another woman accompanied M’s mom but didn’t participate. She looked like she could have but just didn’t. What’s the point of coming at all? After class, Aunt Karin took Reid off to play in the park. I’m not sure what they did exactly but they came back with rosy cheeks and big smiles.

After lunch and an all-too-brief nap, Reid went downtown to show Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin the ice sculptures. She took Donald along as her co-guide. Afterwards, they all went out for supper. It was a long, slow meal from all reports. Reid ate her entire hamburg, leaving no crumbs, drank Donald’s orange juice, every drop, and ate her fries pausing to chat between each – or this is what I was told when they got back about 7:10. In the meantime, Ken and I got our delayed Robbie Burns supper ready and tidied the house up without Reid’s help. We even managed to have a relaxed glass of wine before super and eat most of our dinner as a house of grown ups. What a treat! I love Reid and have to say that she was quite entertaining as she ate the last of the broccoli and drank many tiny glasses of juice from her very own shot glass. Still, it was nice to fly “solo” for a bit. Reid got to bed late but stayed happy throughout.

Happy (belated) Robbie Burns to each of you. If you’d like some haggis, let us know and we can get some for the next time you visit.

It was you!

Monday, February 12th, 2007

We were in a public restroom on Sunday, Reid and I together in the handicap stall and Aunt Karin somewhere else. As Reid, who denied needing to go at all, put down roots – her usual M.O. – Aunt Karin knocked on our door and then kicked the stroller’s wheel. Reid grinned at the hijinx and the news that I thought the culprit was Aunt Karin. Finally asked Karin to come watch over Reid so that I could use the facilities myself. As Karin walked in, Reid chortled (yes, I’m pretty sure that is the only verb to describe her tone and expression), “It’s was you!” As though, one part of Reid knew that Aunt Karin was another part just couldn’t believe it until Aunt Karin walked through the door.

Presents are fun

Monday, February 12th, 2007

I pulled a present for Zachary this morning, showed it to Reid and told her what it was and that it was for Zachary. Reid’s eyes sparkled and she grinned and said, “Zach-y” with great enthusiasm. (I’m careful to enunciate the second syllable and soon she may say, “Zach-A-Ree” but we’ll cross that bridge later.) In any case, we put the present in the gift bag and I finished getting ready for work. Before I left, Reid was dancing around the house with the present, out of it’s bag, singing “Zach-y, Zach-y” over and over.

As I left the house, though, she was reading the book we got for Dylan  to Grandma Joyce. Reid’s copy is a bit mangled from much love and she was pleased that we were giving a copy to Dylan. I had left the tape and a piece of artwork out for Reid to wrap the book. This will be a fun activity for Reid as using tape is one of her favourite things to do. I hope some of her joy is captured in the packaging.

I got a present of my own this morning. Karin drove me to work in a warm car that even had a seat heater. Whoever thought up warming bums and lower backs is my hero! Tomorrow I’ll take the bus but today I was spoiled.