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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

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Loving letters and treating everyone the same

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

The paper on Reid’s easel offers proof that Grandma Joyce was visiting – her trademark Santa is standing there – and also of Reid’s love of letters. For many, many months, we have been writing Reid’s name on her artwork and saying the letters aloud. Lately, she has been fascinated by “her” letter and the letter belonging to others. Grandma Joyce said that Reid asked for people’s letters and was pleased to hear that my name and Ben’s start with the same letter and also that Daddy’s name and Aunt Karin do as well. Given Reid’s sense of humour, I’m sure she thinks this a funny part of life.

Reid was very much conscious of treating Aunt Karin and Grandma Joyce equally, I was told. One would have the honour of wiping her bum while the other would be allowed to get her a drink. Reid tends to play favourites and so I this egalitarian treatment was a good thing for two ladies who like to help. The only times it fell apart was when Aunt Karin went to Zellers. The first time, when she was invited, Reid didn’t want to go. The second time, when Aunt Karin wanted to run in and out, Reid insisted on coming. It’s all about timing, isn’t it?

Fortunately, Grandma Joyce has developed a thick skin over the years. Reid would have Grandma sing songs but then would make her stop mid-word when the feeling struck. At first I was a bit offended when Reid told me to stop singing (oh, stop laughing, I know my singing won’t get me on Canadian Idol). Now, I am okay with it. I learned that from my mom, I guess.