The alphabet reinterpreted

I video taped Reid singing her version of the alphabet but I’m not sure how to put it on the computer and I haven’t got her in front of the web cam yet but rest assured that Reid has heard the alphabet song – both traditional and Sari’s tune – often enough that she has begun to reinterpret it in her own way. To my tin ear, anyway, she seems to have the tune down pretty well but the letters aren’t quite in the order you might expect. There is also a new letter toward the end, a “double-B”, where you would expect the “w” to appear. I wonder if they sing the alphabet in English and French at daycare. Reid might me mis-speaking the “double-vey” from French. In any case, the letters that come after “t” are usually repeated a couple times, as though the record is skipping. (That’s an allusion that reveals my age, eh?)

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