Hands in her pockets

I was just sticking my hands in my jacket pockets and I remembered a story Karin told me about. After playing in the sand, Reid was still covered in it and so were her clothes. Karin noticed Reid put one hand into her jacket pockets and then try to put the other one in before changing tactics to pull her hand up into her sleeve. When Karin asked what was going on, Reid told her that she wanted to put her hand into her pocket but it wouldn’t fit because there was too much sand in there already. Karin laughed as she shook the sand from Reid’s pocket and then Reid happily buried her hands into the newly available space. Walking about with her hands in her pockets is a favourite posture of Reid’s. I bet the sand in her pocket was annoying. I can’t imagine why she didn’t try to get it out (or maybe she did but Karin didn’t notice). Or maybe she was bringing it with her as a souvenir. The world will never know.

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