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Books we read, April 3rd

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Well, this was the toughest day so far without Ken. We were rushed from beginning to end. The only book we read was Let’s Count it out, Jesse Bear by Nancy White Carlstrom but only the numbers 1 through 5 because she wanted to talk about the illustrations and we were late getting to bed. Darn that illustrator, Bruce Degen, doesn’t he know that Reid looks at pictures with lots of brightly-coloured things in them? Or worse, that she likes to talk about what she sees and ask questions like, “what’s that?” and “why?”

The sun has eyes, the night has ears

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

I pulled Reid from her bed, where she was sleeping quite happily, thank you very much and carried her to the bathroom as she cried and asked to sleep some more. How glad I am that I don’t have to see her cry when I wake her very often! “This is what a two-year-old with jet lag looks like,” I told Ken. Reid perked up, though, and we got into the car to head for Trenton. I sat with Reid in the backseat to read and entertain my girl. I had flashbacks to being squished on the airplane. All too soon, we had to give Daddy hugs and kisses (again I waited my turn). As we started to walk away, I suggested that Reid give Daddy another hug and she replied, “I did it.”. I explained that it would be a long time before she could give him another and she did. Apparently Reid needs to ration her hugs carefully.

Reid and I headed to see Grandma Barb and Grandpa Terry. We needed to stretch our legs before the return trip to Ottawa and grandparents seem to be willing to put up with us. Reid referred to “My dad’s mom” a few times. Her fascination with relationships seems to be continuing. In the unmatchable way of small kids, Reid managed to cause me embarassment by insisting on calling Terry “Grandpa Keith”. Terry and Barb weren’t concerned but it wasn’t *their* kid. It was Grandpa Keith’s birthday on Saturday. We practiced singing “Happy Birthday” many times and had discussed that his birthday was next once mine had passed. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised with the confusion but I was. Overall, Reid had a good visit, mostly with Grandma Barb since Grandpa Terry needed to nap in preparation for working nights. I made Reid get dressed before I took her outside to play. By the time she was getting her socks on, it had started raining. We went out for a bit anyway. Reid “hid” behind a tree and each of the shrubs in back of Grandma Barb’s apartment building. Some of the shrubs are shorter than Reid and so she crouched. Some of them are so short that Reid would have had to lay down to truly hide. Since we were watching her take up her “hiding” position anyway, we overlooked the times when she was taller than the “tree”.

After lunch, we climbed back in the car and Reid fell asleep within minutes. She woke after only an hour and I told her that it wasn’t waking up time. She must have agreed, because she went back to sleep. By the time Reid woke again I was squirming in my seat. Drinking tea helps me stay awake but it does make those rest stops very important. We went in and Reid had her usual stream of questions for me while she used the bathroom and stood in line for a drink. The woman at the Tim Horton’s counter was awful. She tried to tell me that all of their bag teas are decaf even though while holding two kinds of orange pekoe, one of which was labelled decaf, and then she told me I hadn’t ordered an extra-large. I just couldn’t take it. I was tired and didn’t want to argue so I left everything there. I only wish I had ordered the cookies first so it would have been more of a hassle for her. Reid was confused but okay once I bought her a chocolate milk from another place. They didn’t sell cookies and so I saved the calories/cost. As an added bonus, my anger woke me up and we got home safely. Soup for supper, a bit of puzzle building, a bath and it was bedtime. I survived day one of 14 without Ken.

Ken’s mom has a little stool with the quote I’ve used as a title to this post. I’ve liked it for a long time.

Hello, good-bye

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Ken was able to make arrangements with work to report to Trenton on Sunday morning instead of this Satruday afternoon. Reid and I were glad of this extra day with him. We got up about 7:30, over Reid’s objections as her grasp of jet lag is non-existant and she just knew she was tired. Moving slowly, we all just managed to get to Kindermusik as the class started. Reid kept saying “Mama-Daddy!” and trying to shuggle both of us at the same time. We sang and danced as always and then Reid “took” Daddy to see her new library. Well, it’s not actually hers or new but she hadn’t been there with Ken before so she thought she was introducing him to it. He and I both chose books for Reid and so we got to the check out with a healthy pile for Reid to process. We headed to MacDonalds to pick up lunch as Reid was fading fast. Ken scraped together the will power to wait until he got home, though. I’m not sure how hungry Ken would have to be to eat at MacDonalds but it would take a desperate situation. Reid fell asleep before we got home, despite my efforts to be as enteraining, noisy and finally annoying as I could be. When I let her go after removing her coat, to stand there until I had mine off, she crumpled slowly to the floor and continued sleeping on the carpet. I lugged her upstairs – Reid is getting so tall and heavy that when she is asleep, you can only lug her – to finish her nap. She woke enough to ask to go in the rocking chair and then had a nice, long nap. Being an evil mother, I woke her up after only two-and-a-hours.

We played with our new Legos. Ken said that Reid now has more Legos than three kids need but when I bought them I was thinking of how I didn’t get to use all of the bricks I wanted the last time the three of us played together. I believe at that time Ken commented on it was obvious that I had been a Lego-kid as I built my “sloped”, red roof house with windows and doors set just so. I am now a Lego-Mama and sharing is tough ;+) Reid picked at her supper but fell asleep easily at 7:45. I was thinking how easily Reid had adjusted to Ottawa time, right up until 8:30 when she woke up refreshed and cheerful. Eventually, she said she was hungry and so I gave her a peanut butter sandwich and milk in bed. At 9:30, I told her I was going to sleep and she needed to lay quietly with me. I think she drifted off about 9:45 or 10. Guess she had a nap at 7:45.