Weekend with Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin, part 2

On Saturday morning, we all went to Kindermusik. Aunt Karin insisted we leave far in advance of our usual time because she didn’t want Reid to be rushed and stressed. I’m not sure that *Reid* gets stressed exactly but after the crazy rush to swimming on Friday night, it seemed a good idea to go early. Not that I admitted it. We got to the church where the class is with half an hour to spare. There was garage sale set up and we shopped – it was for charity after all. I picked up some books for Reid and one of those old fashioned telephones on wheels with the eyes that wobble when it is pulled. At one point, Reid was walking around trailing a wagon holding a tackle box and a dinky car carrier that resembled an overnight bag. I told her that we weren’t buying them. She looked sad and the ladies at the sale asked how I could say “no’ to such a face. You have to be tough to be a mom.   

At one point, Reid and Aunt Karin were playing hide-and-go-seek. The basic concept of the game seems to be a bit beyond Reid. At first, Aunt Karin “hid” under the swivel chair in the living room. Reid wanted to hide there next but I got her to move. As soon as Aunt Karin started to seek her, Reid called out, “I here!” And when Aunt Karin didn’t immediately appear, Reid clarified, “I under foot stool!” After finding Aunt Karin under the dining room table, Reid insisted on laying right there in the same spot. I couldn’t see but they may have actually been touching while Reid “hid”. Reid giggled like crazy when she was “found” and when she did the finding. She enjoyed the game, however she framed it in her mind.

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