More hide-and-seek stories

I was talking to Grandma Joyce and she told me that Reid had asked her to play hide-and-seek when she was visiting. It seems that Reid learned quickly from the game she played with Aunt Karin. At one point, Grandma Joyce searched and searched before Reid called out from the basket under her stroller seat. Another time, Grandma Joyce looked unsuccessfully in the pantry for Reid only to hear, “I right here” coming from the gap next to the freezer. It’s a good thing, I guess, that Reid is willing to identify her hiding spot.

Telling me this story made Grandma Joyce think of me when I was small. I’ll tell you so that you can laugh at me (I know you like to) and also so that I’ll have a record because my memory is so weak. When I was small, maybe Reid’s age or younger, sometimes Grandma Joyce would lose sight of me. She would begin calling my names and looking for me. Soon I would join her. Grandma Joyce would call my name and look under the bed and then I would look under the bed, too. She assures me that I knew that my name was Barbara but somehow was willing to look for myself. I’m a odd person, I guess, and have been for quite a while ;+)

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