Playing grocery store with Reid the Dict-toddler

We went to the basement after supper on Wednesday night. Ken sat on the couch closest to Reid’s grocery store/post office. I’m not sure that his goal was to be the one who was included in the game or if he just got lucky. I should say that Reid has a clear vision of how a situation should unfold, in case you hadn’t noticed yet. First, she rolled her little lawn mower over to Ken and told him it was a shopping cart. He responded that it looked more like a lawn mower to him. “No, dart,” he was told firmly. At this point, I piped up helpfully that she was saying “cart”. I don’t believe that Ken thought I was helpful as he had apparently understood her but disagreed with her. He placed a box onto the lawn mower so that it more closely resembled a shopping cart. Reid vetoed this. Soon enough, she went into the store and he asked for various groceries. Reid handed him items she thought he needed rather than what he asked for. In the end, he held out a bag for her to put groceries into but Reid wanted to hand the things directly to him. I wonder two things: are all of the kids at daycare able to play nicely together during the day and then turn into dict-toddlers at home? And why does it matter to Ken that he get the foam lightbulb from the grocery store anyway. I bet he wonders why I don’t put my foot down when I’m the shopper ;+)

Reid really is a great kid. The hugs and kisses, not to mention the smiles,  that are generously shared make up for the rules she imposes. The rules are more funny to think about though.

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