“Firefighter man” at daycare

Reid came home from daycare last Wednesday with a firefighter hat. She convinced Ken that in order for her to wear it properly, he would have to remove her braids and pony tails. I’m not sure I would have bought this story but then I’m the one who tries to get Reid to wear braids all of the time so that it’s easier to do her hair the next day. She loves the hat, though, and had lots to say about the “fireman” that had come to see them at daycare. I say “firefighter” because I am that politically correct but I didn’t ask Reid to change what she said. She did, though, and now talks about the “firefighter man”. One of the lessons that the firefighter wanted the kids to learn was that when fire alarm goes off, they should leave the building. In our house, the fire alarm means that someone needs to wave a towel underneath it because it is way too sensitive – going off when toast burns sensitive, in fact. Since Wednesday, we have read The Fire Station by Robert Munsch many, many times. I don’t think Reid had ever chosen it before but now it’s a regular. Similarly, I’ve pointed out the fire station that we drive by on the way to Melissa’s several times. This week, Reid asked to go in. I’ll have to take her to the Cumberland Heritage Village where they have an historic fire engine and turnout gear that kids can try on.

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