Old MacDonald had a (dairy) farm

Reid has long enjoyed “Old MacDonald had a farm” and there is a particular order in which we sing about the animals is usually the same. The cows have always been first; when it was me deciding, I always started with the big animals and then went to fowl and then the odd ones, like bees, owls, etc. Since Reid has been selecting the animals, the cows have maintained their primacy of place. Lately, though, the cows have been getting more than just the top billing. We start with “… and on this farm he had a …”  and Reid calls out “cow” and then she moves onto “calf” and then “bull”. Sometimes she says “‘nother cow” for variety’s sake. It’s not easy to moo differently for each of them but I take my job as a mother seriously and so I give it my best. I guess Reid’s Old MacDonald had was primarily a dairy farm or maybe they raise cattle for the beef.

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