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Sleep stories

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

At 6:50 last night, as Amanda, Ken and I were finishing our desserts, Reid went upstairs. She didn’t sneak away, oh no. She called out as she climbed each step. I offered Ken a quarter to chase her, he countered with fifty cents for me if I’d go or a dollar if Amanda would. Amanda said that she’d go, without the dollar but Ken will come through with the cash. Eventually. Reid decided to put her diaper and pajamas on. Although she did make a brief appearance downstaid again, she asked me to take her back up again. Reid climbed into my lap without any silliness or wandering around as is usual and snuggled down for a few stories. I thought maybe we would be reading for a long time, since it was just after 7:00 when we started reading instead of our usual 7:30. It didn’t happen like that. Reid chose four fairly short books and then said no to anymore books. Daddy stopped in for a kiss and hug once Amanda left, just in time. She nursed a bit and went to sleep. Wow, thought I.

Reid’s sleep was rough over night. She tossed and turned and talked a lot. As she woke up this morning, Reid was fretting and speaking about a “hotel”. I told her that tomorrow Daddy would be staying at hotel but not us. She piped in, “Going to Grandma’s. See Dylan. In hot pool.” It’s nice to know she has been paying attention and also what her expectations are.

Remembering when Reid was tiny and I was a new mama

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

On Tuesday morning, while I was nursing Reid, I was remembering when she was just a tiny baby and I was a new mama. I told her this story – she loves stories about her ;+) – and wanted to share it with you and capture it for her to read when she is older.

When Reid was a brand-new baby, when I nursed her at night, I turned on the bedside lamp, sat up in bed, put my glasses on and propped her on a pillow. I couldn’t do it otherwise. Reid mostly kept her eyes closed and gave nursing her full attention. I remember my surprise and pride the first time that I forgot to put on my glasses and still managed to nurse her. I’m that dis-coordinated. I don’t remember the first time that I nursed Reid lying down but I remember when it still required a lot of my attention. As time passed Reid gained head and body control and I got better through repetition. Now, we’re pros and it’s hard to believe it was ever a challenge. Or it would be if I didn’t know how not coordinated that I am.

Does she sneak downstairs and watch TSN while we sleep?

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
Last night Reid got a hold of the wire mesh basket that sits in the sink for rinsing veggies and put it in front her face. “Look, Daddy,” she said, “I a baseball guy”. Baseball guy?! How does she know what a baseball player looks like? Once she said it, it made sense. She *did* look like a catcher with a mask on and when she tipped it back, she could’ve fielded a fly ball easily.