Remembering when Reid was tiny and I was a new mama

On Tuesday morning, while I was nursing Reid, I was remembering when she was just a tiny baby and I was a new mama. I told her this story – she loves stories about her ;+) – and wanted to share it with you and capture it for her to read when she is older.

When Reid was a brand-new baby, when I nursed her at night, I turned on the bedside lamp, sat up in bed, put my glasses on and propped her on a pillow. I couldn’t do it otherwise. Reid mostly kept her eyes closed and gave nursing her full attention. I remember my surprise and pride the first time that I forgot to put on my glasses and still managed to nurse her. I’m that dis-coordinated. I don’t remember the first time that I nursed Reid lying down but I remember when it still required a lot of my attention. As time passed Reid gained head and body control and I got better through repetition. Now, we’re pros and it’s hard to believe it was ever a challenge. Or it would be if I didn’t know how not coordinated that I am.

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