Reid shouldn’t believe everything I say

After we dropped Daddy off at his hotel on Thursday, Reid and I headed for Wheatley. Not long into the drive, Reid was saying that she was “hunny”, “firsty” and had to pee in succession and she ran through the list a few times. She refused the apple and green pepper I offered a few times and drank all of the water that I could reach. As it hadn’t been very long since we last went to the bathroom, I told her she’d have to wait. When she said that she was thirsty again, I told her that she wasn’t hungry or thirsty and she didn’t have to pee but that she *was* bored. Reid’s response was, “I firsty” in a whiny voice. I told her that I couldn’t reach the water and that otherwise she would have to cry and then lick the tears. Soon after, Reid let out a couple of wails and then stuck her tongue out for the tears. I wanted to laugh a bit at the sight, at the fact that she thought two wails would produce tears, and at her utter confidence in what I said being true. Then I felt bad that I had made her cry, even though I wasn’t serious. I managed to get Reid interested in some of the toys that we’d brought with us instead.  Eventually we made it to a service centre and I got Reid some food and a carton of chocolate milk. Just in case, I put two bottles of water within my reach. I don’t think she drank from either.

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