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Retro McDonalds

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Has anyone got a Happy Meal from ¬†McDonalds lately? The last one we got came in a box. Totally old school. Okay, okay, I can’t be sure that it looked like what they had when I was a kid but it wasn’t in a bag. The other exciting element is the toy theme – Shrek. Ken’s first reaction was “oh, great, the marketing machine continues” or something to that effect. Once he had a chance to experience the Shrek doll, though, he changed his tune. It says, “I’m an ogre!” And then he belches. Ken chuckled, Reid giggled and happiness reigned. After the third or fourth rendition, Reid exclaimed, “I looove it!” Shrek hasn’t come out to pay recently and I think only Ken will be allowed to play with it until it gets “lost”. It’s good to see Reid and Ken laughing together.