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Yelling for mama

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been staying up late fairly often doing this and that on the computer with my blog or editing and captioning photos. Over the same period, I’ve been jolting from sleep if Reid wakes up and calls out. I was afraid that I was sleeping through the quiet calls and hearing her only when she was getting scared or whatever as her calls were loud as I finally reacted to them. A couple days ago, though, I’d fallen asleep with her about 5:00 am and was laying there drifting in and out of sleep when Reid all of a sudden yelled, “Mama! Mama!” This time I knew that she hadn’t fussed first but went straight to high volume. I guess I’ll be able to continue staying up late if I want. That’s good news as I’m getting behind on the photos again or maybe I should say “as always”.

May your self doubts be small ones that are resolved as easily as this one of mine was.

Teachable moment … Or not

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Last night at supper, Reid asked for a slice of bread cut into triangles. Of course I obliged. At one point, she mentioned how the one piece looked like a watermelon slice with its curved edge and point. I put two of the triangles together and she identified the diamond that resulted. Next, I rearranged them and showed her a parallelogram. Ken reached out and, quick as a flash, grabbed a bread triangle and stuck it to his forehead. ┬áIt seems I offended his sense of what was appropriate at the table ;+) Reid was very much amused by her daddy’s antics. In my defence she was interested in our shape discussion, too, though she didn’t grin or giggle for me. I love it when Ken is off the wall – he is very much the responsible grown up most of the time. And of course I love to watch their faces as they laugh together.