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Books we read, June 11th

Monday, June 11th, 2007

At Melissa’s we read Love Song of the Little Bear by Margaret Wise Brown and also from an Appletree Farm treasury by Heather Amery, including:

  • Pig Gets Stuck
  • The Naughty Sheep
  • Barn on Fire
  • The Runaway Tractor
  • Pig Gets Lost
  • The Hungry Donkey

At home, Ken read Won’t You Be My Kissaroo? by Joanne Ryder and I read What Moms Can’t Do by Douglas Wood.

To demonstrate her unerring sense of when I need to sleep in

Monday, June 11th, 2007

On Saturday night I stayed up too late – wait for it – filing bills and working on our finances. When Reid woke up at 5:30 and asked if it was waking up time and I said “absolutely not”. I dozed a bit but she didn’t and we got up at 6:00. We were dressed and out of the house by 6:30. Thank goodness that Eddy’s (or Didi’s as we call it) is open 24 hours. Didi was even there this week and our breakfast was served so quickly that we were back in the car by 7:15. We went to a 24 hour Loeb to get a few things that they didn’t have at Costco and then we went to the Byward Market in search of rhubarb (and because we still had an hour to kill before the museum opened). We found no rhubarb but we did get a couple of sunflowers in pots. I’d meant to grow them from seeds but going to San Diego and then home for Easter through me off my spring planting schedule ;+) Since we *still* had time to kill, Reid and I split a hot chocolate and a cookie from the pastry shop. We both liked the hot chocolate and rejected the very beautiful tulip cookie that was bland and hard. Sigh. We lead a tough life. In the end, we got to the Children’s Museum/Museum of Civilization about 9:05. We toured the China’s Treasures special exhibit. Reid was interested in the horse figurines, a brush for the calligraphy, some scrolls and figuring out if she could get on top of the cases. We moved (relatively) quietly, if quickly, through the exhibit and I know whether I want to go back (I don’t). For the record, we saw three horses and I didn’t let Reid climb on top of the display cases. I think I’ll use these preview options more rather than declining the special exhibit tickets as I usually do. We don’t pay extra for them since we’re members and at some point Reid will need to know how to behave in the non-children’s part of the museum. We spoke briefly with a fellow in a red serge RCMP uniform before a tour group rushed up for a photo op and rode the escalators for the sheer joy of riding the escalators before heading to the Children’s Museum. Reid was more interested in the displays than she has been before. She was more confident in going from one to the next and able to manipulate the interactive pieces. We had a nice visit, even though the outdoor part was closed, maybe even because it was closed since we weren’t rushing through. Next time we might only go outside. We finished up at a painting activity back in the main part. One of the artists whose work was part of the “In My Lifetime” exhibit of contemporary aboriginal art, Neal MacLeod, was helping with the painting activity. He suggested dipping the brush into the paint and then into the water before painting to create closer to a watercolour effect. I’d have never thought to do that. He also showed us to draw with an oil pastel and then paint with the same colour for a cool effect. Reid liked getting to use the water more often but wasn’t at all interested in the crayon/paint combo. She was interested to know as well that he painted pictures as a job, though. He is also teaches at Trent University but that wasn’t as interesting to Reid. Reid fell asleep about 4 minutes from home despite me tickling her and being as silly as I can be. I woke her for lunch and she got a bit of a second wind. Not me, I fell asleep while Ken was reading a before-nap book, albeit a long one because Reid got to choose it and she is wily that way. Reid and I both enjoyed that nap! After her nap, Reid went with Ken to the Aviation Museum for what was advertised as a Sunday Funday. They saw no evidence of any special activity but that’s okay. They like the planes. (No accounting for taste ;+) Reid was excited about a yellow helicopter that they could see into that is usually closed and also about a trio of helicopters, a daddy, a mama and a baby one. They tried to play on the structure too but it was too hot and they had to come home. I made curry for supper and Reid ate her body weight. The night before, she had three bites of pork chop, a couple cucumber slices and a swig of milk before going to read books to herself in the dining room. It’s true what my books say about looking at what a kid takes in over a week rather than just one day.

Where do these things come from?

Monday, June 11th, 2007
After Westfest on Saturday, Reid and I went to Costco. When I mentioned it to her, I said that we needed to look for laundry detergent, soy sauce and kleenex for Daddy. Reid added “and a costume”. Now, that made we wonder. Did she think of the costumes that I put in the basement earlier that day, you know the ones we bought a couple weeks ago at a yard sale, or was it the “cost” part of Costco. It’s good that I can ponder the mysteries of life and still drive safely ;+) We didn’t find any costumes, they don’t come out until September, I think. I’ll have to get her pumped for shopping at Old Navy, though, because they have their costumes on sale the weekend after Labour Day. This year, she might want to wear the one we choose, right from the start.

Kindermusik is ending but the festivals are beginning

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Reid and I went to Kindermusik this morning for the last time until the fall. There is a class next weekend but we’ll be on the train heading for Toronto. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years since Ken and Reid went to the first class. We’d anticipated it (or maybe it was just me) for months and then when they came home from the first class, I was waiting at the door. Ken reported that it had consisted of lots of standing up and sitting down. Two years later, I’d have to agree with the assessment but he missed the dancing around while holding Reid who is incredibly shy at Kindermusik, at least for the first half of each class. It definitely is an aerobic workout if you’re doing it right.

After class, we headed to Westfest, a sort of street festival with music, authors, face painting, sidewalk sales, etc., in the Westboro neighbourhood of Ottawa. There were a couple of dontations for charity activities that involved a cost but otherwise everything was free. How nice not to be digging into my pocket constantly! The only cloud on the day was discovering after many minutes of waiting that Reid didn’t meet the height minimum for the bouncy obstacle course/slide that we encountered when we first got there. She bounced back, so to speak, and we had lots of fun. At Mrs Tiggy Winkles, a local toy store, Reid and I played with giant bubble wands – including one of the ones with the sliding strap – for several minutes and then we went in the store where a young woman painted a beautiful butterfly on Reid’s face. After that, Reid played in a Dora playhouse and Deigo’s pirate ship with a bunch of other kids. There was a sign nearby that said the playhouse was reduced to $300, from $899. Wow! I wouldn’t even begin to consider a $300 playhouse. The one I got Reid for Christmas sells for $99, is a grocery store-theatre-post office-house depending on which side you look at, and folds down to just a few inches thick. Reid got her picture taken on an historic fire engine – I’ll have to see if Ken will scan it – and she fished in a barrel. On the way to the car, I stopped at a street vendor for hotdogs in the hope that eating would keep Reid awake. It didn’t. She fell asleep two bites from the end of her hotdog. I decided to have a tea at Starbucks and let her sleep since sometimes waking her after 20 minutes means her nap lasts only 20 minutes. I wrote most of this while sipping my tea. Reid woke after a bit more than an hour, picked up her hotdog and finished it. What a kid!

I’m inspired by the success of Westfest to check out Jazzfest, Bluesfest and the rest to find activities for Reid and me, even Ken, to do together. Free would be nice.