Where do these things come from?

After Westfest on Saturday, Reid and I went to Costco. When I mentioned it to her, I said that we needed to look for laundry detergent, soy sauce and kleenex for Daddy. Reid added “and a costume”. Now, that made we wonder. Did she think of the costumes that I put in the basement earlier that day, you know the ones we bought a couple weeks ago at a yard sale, or was it the “cost” part of Costco. It’s good that I can ponder the mysteries of life and still drive safely ;+) We didn’t find any costumes, they don’t come out until September, I think. I’ll have to get her pumped for shopping at Old Navy, though, because they have their costumes on sale the weekend after Labour Day. This year, she might want to wear the one we choose, right from the start.

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