Dining out with the ladies

Last night Aunty Amanda took us out for supper at East Side Mario’s. We haven’t been there since that awful episode with the nasty waitress but since Aunty Amanda was paying, I decided it didn’t violate my boycott. On the way over Reid said that she wanted a pizza *and* a hamburger *and* french fries. I told her that she’d need to choose and then when I read her the kids’ menu, she pointed the pizza. When the waitress came, Reid ordered a pizza quite clearly and answered the “pepperoni or just cheese” questions with an unambiguous “peppawoni”. Reid was very hungry by the time dinner arrived, though she refused salad and ate only one piece of bread. She smiled when her pizza arrived but than asked about her hamburger. I told her that she’d only ordered a pizza and she started to cry. The waitress (who was wonderful unlike that evil one) came back and asked if she could help. I explained about Reid wanting a hamburger and the waitress picked the pizza up and soon brought her out and a hamburger and fries. The hamburger was nearly as big as Reid’s face but she attacked it with gusto – for at least two bites, anyway, before turning her attention to her french fries. She handed me about 2/3 of the fries and then helped me make a puddle of ketchup. I had to prompt her a few times to take bites of her hamburger, the very same burger she cried for. What a silly muffin.

I’d brought Reid’s backpack in case she needed diversions while we waited for supper or while Amanda and I finished eating. At the last minute, Reid had asked to bring Baby with her and before supper she sat baby next to her booster seat and they played with the Viewmaster (how retro!) the waitress brought and chatted with each other and with us. Amanda and I ended waiting for Reid instead of the reverse but *we* didn’t have any toys. Instead, we had a nice girl talk.

At home, Aunty Amanda asked Reid what was her baby’s name. Reid replied, “Baby” in the matter of fact tone of someone who thinks an answer to be self-evident. Aunty Amanda suggested that Baby might like a more specific sort of name and Reid was a bit confused by the suggestion and so Aunty Amanda let it drop. I offered up the fact that not *all* dolls are named “Baby”, only the infants. The bigger ones with hair are called, “Dolly”. Except for the two Dora the Explorer dolls. They are obviously Dora.

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