When in Toronto

I know that the saying is: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” but for Toronto, I think it should be: “When in Toronto, go to the zoo.” Okay, I’m a bit biased since Reid loves zoos and I’m pretty partial to them myself. We spent two great days at the Toronto Zoo, seeing all of the usual zoo animals, riding on camels and a pony, and even at the Dinosaurs Alive special exhibition. The zoo was much more crowded on Saturday than Sunday, though I’d expected the reverse, thinking that it would be a good Father’s Day destination. There is also a splash park with a zoo animal-theme. Reid was most interested in the mallard ducks and seals. ¬†Once again we straggled out of the zoo after 7:00 (it closes at 7:30). On Saturday, we arrived about 2:00 and on Sunday, it was closer to 3:00. We were flat out tired at the end of each day, which is the way you should be at the end of a day “touristing”, I guess.

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