Sleeping on the go

Since we’ve been travelling, Reid has not been adhering to her usual sleep schedule. Read that as I haven’t been providing the conditions that would allow her to do so. While we were waiting on the train platform for that red cap fellow to arrive, Reid asked me to recline her stroller seat so that she could sleep. We didn’t have to wait quite long enough but it set the stage. She has stayed up late and napped late and little, except for that time she fell asleep about 9:30 am and slept about 90 minutes.  Many times she has fallen asleep in her car seat. I am more than a little bit impressed that she is able to sleep with her head on her own shoulder without seeming to experience any ill effects. I also admire her ability to stay in good spirits with the sleep disruptions. I’m looking forward to getting back on track and also hoping that she’ll fall asleep right about 7:00 when we’re on the train tonight.

Reid had been sleeping for 8 hours at a stretch most nights in the last month or so. I know some kids do this at 5 or 6 months and Reid it for a week and a half when she was that age but then it stopped. My theory is she got too busy during the day to nurse as much as she needed and that seems to still to be true. Since we’ve been in Toronto, Reid has been waking often. She has also been having particularly vivid dreams. A couple nights ago she was fretting about Patchy-Patch, Binoo’s stuffed animal on the cartoon *Toopy and Binoo*. This morning she was thrashing about and saying, “I push. I push.” I agreed that she could push in a little bit and she subsided back into a calmer sleep.

I have to stop writing about sleeping because it’s making me yawn. Or maybe it’s my own sleep disruptions. Between our running around, staying up late to finish the speaking notes for my presentation and chatting with my big sister, I haven’t been getting my usual sleep either.

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