Magic way

Lately, things which happen in an unusual way or even just a different way than usual are “magic”. I don’t know who introduced the term “magic” or in what context but Reid has definitely latched onto it. When we dropped Ken at the airport on Thursday morning, Reid asked if I was going to drive the magic way to daycare. I know only one way to get from the airport to roads that will take us from daycare but since it was early, we had woken Reid to go and there seemed no down side, I said “yes”. That was the wrong answer, I soon learned. Now I had to react quickly. Did I mention it was early? I told her we would go the regular way instead and continued on our course. Just after an intersection with a road going who knows where, Reid asked if we were still going the magic way. I replied, “No, if we were going the magic way we would have turned back there.” Good answer, eh? Alas, no. Reid had changed her mind and wanted to go the magic way instead. Well, I had to come clean and confess I knew of only one way. I don’t think she heard me over her fussing but I learned an important lesson about telling people what (I think) they want to hear just to avoid conflict.

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