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How can it be this hot when it’s mind numbingly cold in the winter?

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

It’s been 30+ degrees Celsius (90+ F) for many days now. I just want to know why. Reid has energy to burn at the end of the day thanks to the prohibition on going outside to play on days when the kids’ eyeballs might melt. I have lots of respect for her daycare teachers normally but days when the kids are inside due to extreme heat or cold (yes, there are both) are the days when I really give thought to how underpaid they are. Not that I’m volunteering to up my daycare fees.

It was my turn to pick Reid up last night. She and I both like it when it’s my turn. Reid for the novelty and me for the nosiness. She doesn’t always come running but I do get a super squeeze at some point.

Most nights, the receptionist buzzes us in and so it was last night. I like having the opportunity to at least hear the kids and teachers interacting without them knowing I’m there. It’s not even that I’m expecting to catch the teachers misbehaving. I figure that they’re adequately policed between the multiple teachers and the oversight structure. I’m just the sort of person who wants to watch people interacting in the “wild”.

When I got to where the kids were playing, there were a couple little boys running about in the multipurpose room and my little angel was attempting to skip rope with a bead-stringing string. One teacher was saying in an uber-patient voice, “You need to stop running and start tidying.” It takes a lot to lower your voice when you’re frustrated, don’t you think? It’s a skill that I’m working on.

My man!

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Just before bed Wednesday night, Reid declared herself “hung’y”. Since she’d eaten lots at supper, I wondered if it was a delaying tactic but decided that she could just be in a growth spurt. If she is, she may be taller than me by Saturday! I got her a slice of bread with peanut butter and she decided it would pair best with water (yuck). While she was eating, I have to confess, I kissed Ken. Reid noticed and gasped. No really, it was a gasp worthy of an over-acted dramatic scene in a B-movie. So she said, “Aack! My man!” as she came running over to give him a peanut-buttery kiss to reassert her position. Poor Ken isn’t so keen on peanut butter but I think he might like the attention.

I have so few memories of anything beyond last week and even the last week is fuzzy but I do remember my parents kissing when I was a kid. My memories stem from my teenage years and I mostly remember thinking how embarassing it was for *them*. Besides, I was clearly the last child and so there was no need for kissing or anything else (and please don’t make me think of the anything else). But still, it’s their fault that I think kissing in front of my kid is okay. Take it up with my mom.