Lessons from the cats

I have noted often that Reid is like most kids in that she is always learning from the things we do. It appears that she doesn’t restrict herself to Ken and me as role models at home.

We spent part of each day over the weekend weeding through things, tidying up or rearranging. Reid consistently sought out ways that she could help, with more or less utility at various points. She was very helpful at putting materials in the recycling bins and at fetching scattered pieces of toy sets. She added less to the process of me carrying her crib box into the furnace room since she complained when I bonked her with it and really didn’t lift it all that high. I know how Ken feels when he has to rely on my help to move something large and/or heavy. Too short and too weak, I bet that’s what he thinks. But Reid and I are both trainable, especially her.

Reid was at her most interested and determined to be helpful when Ken was unplugging, replugging and rearranging the tv with all of its various dependents. ¬†Could she hold this? Move that? What did that thing do anyway? Reid was the very embodiment of Leo with all of her interest and interference. Our cats fancy themselves as forepersons and Reid has learned well from them. Even Mars, the ultimate fraidy cat, couldn’t resist coming out to supervise when things were being moved about.

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