Reid’s memory is clearly better than mine

Thursday morning, I told Reid that if it wasn’t raining in the evening, we would go for a picnic on the beach with Melissa and her kids. Reid response was, “Your sister taked me to the beach.” I had to ask her to repeat herself since my last memory of the beach was going with Melissa, Dylan, Zachary, Danielle and Isabelle. I was expecting the sister reference. Finally it clicked. In March, when we were in San Diego, Aunt Karin (aka “mama’s sister”) *did* take Reid to the beach on Corona Island. Remember that? Reid even napped on the sand.

Reid’s memory is clearly better than mine though she hasn’t organized it like others might. Then again, maybe even I had a good memory when I was 3.

In the end, Melissa and I decided the sand would still be wet, the wind too strong and the evening too chilly for a picnic. I’ve added the beach to our list of things to do this weekend.

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    Reid’s memory is clearly better than mine « Tales of life with a girl on the go