We both need to go to sleep

Reid didn’t sleep well Wednesday night and that means that I didn’t sleep well either. Ken had to go to a meeting in the evening and so my plan for Reid and me was simple – call Grandma Joyce, relaxing bath for Reid (with a little stress around the hair washing part) and early to bed. What really happened:

1.  Reid was a little wild thing while I had Grandma Joyce on the phone and was interested in talking only if I let her stay in the bathroom where the water was running into the tub, which would have been the same as not talking since Grandma Joyce couldn’t have heard her;  
2.  I had to threaten not to read stories to get Reid into the tub, even though she had chosen which bathroom to use and had been in charge of turning the water on and off . I wish she would read the parenting advice books and columns that say that kids will do what you ask if they make decisions or help in the preparation;
3. When we finally headed for bed, Reid asked to go to Daddy’s bed and I agreed. We read four of the new Clifford books we got from Scholastic, and One Fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish by Dr Seuss (the latter while I was combing and braiding her hair). She wondered about reading another and I had to tell her that we both needed to go to sleep, right now. By the time I turned of the light we were late. I thought of stopping reading sooner but I didn’t want her to go to sleep remembering only the prodding and bossing that had happened and I’m not sure that she would have been asleep any earlier in the long run. This way she had a chance to wind down before trying to sleep. Me, I was asleep pretty quickly, as well.

At 3:50am or so I woke up and decided that I might as well get out of bed. We’ll have to see how Reid does when she wakes up and whether the extra 15 minutes does her in.

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